The most common reason for needing a tooth coloured dental filling is from a hole in a tooth caused by bacteria (germs) growing on or in between your teeth. A hole in a tooth is sometimes referred to as  a cavity or tooth decay. Pain usually only occurs when the cavity has become deep enough to irritate living sensitive part of the tooth called dentine. The teeth often become sensitive to cold food and drinks. The first line of treatment is a tooth coloured dental filling which is also known as a composite or white filling. Dental fillings are matched to your own tooth colour and do not contain mercury like old silver amalgam fillings.

Often there there may be no signs or symptoms associated with a hole in a tooth and we usually only discover them during routine examinations or with X-rays. To treat tooth decay, bacteria need removed from the hole in the tooth and once cleaned, tooth coloured dental fillings are used to plug the hole and allow the tooth to return to normal function.

In the past, dental fillings have been made from silver (mercury) amalgam. We understand the concerns around the use of silver (mercury) amalgam and we DO NOT use this type of filling material. We use only tooth coloured fillings at Plaza Central Dentists Maroochydore. Tooth coloured dental fillings are glued to the remaining tooth surface which help to keep the tooth strong and looking natural. They work very well when the size of the hole is small. If the hole in a tooth becomes too big, the tooth coloured dental filling materials may not be strong enough to allow you to chew and eat without the risk of the tooth breaking. In these situations, we provide an alternative option to use stronger ceramic glass materials known as crowns or caps.

The size of a filling is categorised by the number of surfaces of the tooth affected by tooth decay. If three or more surfaces are affected, this is referred to as a large or extensive filling. To ensure that your costs are kept as low as possible, our fillings cost the same price regardless of the size of the hole in the tooth.

Pain free dentistry should be the norm not the exception. We use painless anaesthetic techniques to numb teeth and cater for nervous/anxious patients.

*A detailed written treatment cost estimate will be provided at your examination visit. Click here to see our fixed fees for commonly carried out treatment for both our Standard (non-members) and Care Plan Members. You can still use your health fund to further reduce your costs on both our standard and member fees. Your savings begin immediately when you join our Care Plan for just $30/month which includes your new patient examination.

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