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Root canal treatment (therapy) is needed when a tooth has extensive or deep decay (deep cavities) close to the nerve, is cracked, broken, or injured and the delicate nerve at the centre of teeth has become irreversibly damaged possibly leading to an abscess. We often call this a ‘dead tooth’. “Dead or dying” teeth often vary in their symptoms from no pain at all to severe throbbing and aching.  When bacteria get inside the tooth, over grow and overwhelm our bodies own immune system that dead teeth become acutely painful and cause facial swelling. Pain can often occur when eating or from changes in temperature from warm or hot food and drinks.

There are only two ways in which a ‘dead tooth’ can be treated. It is either removed (extracted) or root canal treatment carried out to stop the pain and save the tooth. Many people shudder at the thought of root canal treatment, however, root canal treatment carried out carefully and methodically can be a pain free procedure and has a high success rate of over 90%.

Root canal treatment involves the cleaning of infected pulp (nerve and blood vessels) from canal that runs down the centre of each root. Once the cleaning of the root canal is completed, a filling material called Gutta Percha is used to fully seal the cleaned canal or canals depending on the number of roots. As the tooth is usually weak and at risk of breaking during normal use, they are often fitted with a crown after treatment is completed. Crowns, also known as caps cover the entire tooth surface and allow the tooth to be used normally without risk of breaking. Not all teeth are suitable for this treatment and careful examination and treatment planing is required. For very complex or difficult cases, we have an option to refer patients to a root canal specialist known as an Endodontist.

To help you keep your teeth for longer, our root canal treatments fees have been kept as low as possible to make it more affordable. Interest free payment plans are available to help you budget for treatment.

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