Bridges, Dentures and Implants

Don’t be embarrassed by the gap in your smile

We offer a wide range of options to replace missing teeth. The most popular option for replacing one or two missing teeth are ceramic dental bridges. Ceramic bridges use the teeth either side of the gap and is fixed into the mouth.

An alternative to ceramic bridge where more than two teeth is replaced with a removable denture (plate). Dentures are made from plastic or a combination of metal and plastic.

Another option is dental implants which offers a long-lasting option, when compared to a bridge or dentures.

Why should I replace my missing teeth?

For many people, it is tempting to think that a missing tooth does not need to be replaced. Often, it won’t cause pain or distress in the way that a decayed tooth will, for example. However, there are several reasons why it’s worth considering replacing missing teeth.

  • Facial aesthetics and the impact of your smile.
  • Overall functionality of your mouth when chewing.
  • Missing teeth can make it harder to clean your other teeth as food becomes lodged in the gap.
  • Your teeth around the gap will also attempt to ‘compensate’ for the gap in your bite and will begin to grow crookedly.

What are my options:


A bridge is a technique used to replace missing teeth and is permanently fixed the mouth. The bridge allows a false tooth to be held rigidly in the place where an existing tooth is missing. The bridge usually attaches to existing natural teeth, so you must have some good, healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth for a bridge to be an appropriate form of treatment.

To support a bridge, you need to have healthy teeth around the missing tooth which can provide end supports. The first step in the process, once these healthy ‘supports’ have been identified, is to reshape them and place crowns on them. The false tooth is then placed between these two crowns and bonded to them with dental cement. The bridge is a permanent solution for a missing tooth, so once it is in place it cannot be removed in the same way that dentures can be.


Dentures are a set of false teeth that enable individuals to eat naturally and smile with confidence. You can have either a complete set of dentures or a partial set – depending on how many teeth you are missing and how many need to be replaced.

A badly fitted denture can make life difficult. Over multiple appointments (can take up to 4 appointments), our Dentists will accurately determine the natural shape of your bite, jawbone and teeth.

The first and second appointment will involve taking impressions of your upper and lower jaws. This will allow an accurate mould of your teeth and gums, which your trial denture will be built from.

The third appointment will be ‘trialling your new dentures’. At this step the dentures are tried to make sure the correct fit has been achieved, that they feel comfortable and that your jaw functionality, such as biting, is correct. Any adjustments that are required will be completed at this time.

The fourth appointment is your final dentures will be fitted.

Dental Implants:

Dental implants are a permanent, natural alternative to replace missing teeth. This procedure involves replacing your tooth roots with a titanium rod placed into your jaw, which provides a solid foundation for the replacement tooth.


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replace missing teeth

replace missing teeth


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